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Sony Ericsson K310i review  a good phone should be inexpensiveMobile library: Reviews

Sony Ericsson K310i review a good phone should be inexpensive

This middle-sized phone in classic construct left the best impressions. Yes, its not elite, not the cutting edge of digital technology. Its a regular working horse comfortable in work, trustworthy and just nice.

Calm design, simple, but qualitative materials. Absolutely no caprice. And the brand Sony Ericsson. That is a lot in itself.

Serious player phones, expensive camera phones, complex smart phones not everyone needs them. Regular phones stay the most popular, are produced in huge quantities and there to stay. Another thing is that from year to year the budget phones become more perfect, acquire many functions that used to be a privilege of middle and upper class phones. Presently, you can reveal the color screen, camera and MP3 player function in any simple phone.

Sony Ericsson K310i also has everything listed above. In what form? In the most unpretentious it just has it, period. But they are not instruments of the advertisement decorum; they are quite working instruments that widen the phones functionality.

You dont need an expensive camera (thats still shoots worse than a full-fledged camera)? You dont need a phone player (real flash players are still more compact and comfortable)? You are not chasing after the glossy plastic (that still is plastic and its price of $500 does not turn it into a diamond)? Than you should look at the inexpensive phone. This one, for example.

Silvery and modest the first encounter

Its frankly plastic, but it suits it. The mixture of light gray and painted silver (also light green on the inside, under the paint) plastic creates a feeling of lightness. I have to separately note the quality of the materials traditionally high for Sony Ericsson phones. There is not even a hint to the abrasions of the paint, scratches or chips. The panels of my notebook, also painted with silver, lost they are market appearance a long time ago. But I am sure that K310i will look like new in a year or even two years. I am saying this from my own experience. My old and faithful 610 is more than two or three years old. And it looks like I just bought it. Even though, I am not that accurate and I am not especially careful with the phone. I just try not to throw it or expose this nice device to any kinds of mechanical traumas.

So, the new phone is refined and well formed. In close encounter I liked it better than the K510i mainly because of the lack of false rubber that I dont like for some reason. By the way, the elite 800i has this rubber all over the back panel, of course. And I really dont like that. But this modest budget phone is made from simple material that is comfortable to touch, quite solid and looks quite good. In any case, it does not look like a poor relative compared to its classmates. Quite the opposite, its very representational.

The frame proportions are traditional for all Sony Ericsson classics. A rectangular block with splayed to the back panel; panel edges and impetuously rounded, with a back shift, upper and lower edges. It fits your hand like a glove.

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

A plastic glass that protects the screen from mechanical abrasions covers the upper phone panel. There is a narrow slit of the phone (main, not loud) speaker above the screen And here, for the first time, I come in contact with the characteristics of an inexpensive model. The cover glass by portions of a millimeter overflows the soft keys. And that edge is sharp. And an unwitting thought appears that it really is glass, not plastic Possible, its a vice of a test model.

I really liked the keyboard. The soft keys of the under-the-screen block visibly stand out and they are surfaces are arched up. It is very comfortable, as you wont make a mistake. The joystick is excellent a cylindrical stump with a spherical hollow in the center. Its really a joystick, not a conglomeration of buttons (the square framing has an exclusively decorative purpose). At that, the joystick is of an excellent quality without gaps or false starts. And the hollow in the middle does not tire the pad of the finger. A solid A.

The phone buttons end and answer are separated into a separate block between the soft keys, joystick and main keyboard. The buttons are small than the others, but are easily found due to the big gaps.

The main keyboard is located in three vertical rows with big separation lines between them. The buttons are quite large they remind you of a W710i keyboard (that is excellent), although, visibly smaller.

In short, all is good with the buttons. Only the backlight is not very good. Dim, yellowish, ugly. But it doesnt blind you in the dark. There are no Russian letters on the buttons as I wrote earlier it is a test version. Obviously, all serial models have bilingual keyboards. K310i model is not an exception.

There is only a new generation system adapter (like in all new Sony Ericsson phones) on the lower edge. A charger, headset and other accessories all connect to the system adapter. By the way, the connection of the charger and peripherals, in contrast to the old phones of the consortium, became surprisingly easily and comfortable. And trustworthy. My old man 610 constantly loses connection with the charger due to the worn-out plug (that I have to connect in eyeglasses its so small). But here there are no problems whatsoever.

There is a large dark cover plate with a built in device and profile switch button located on the upper frame edge of the phone. The presence of an IR port is an important characteristic. There is no Bluetooth here (although, the phone itself thinks differently flatters itself, little dove) so the IR is an only device of wireless connection with a PC (they didnt give me a USB cable, although, it, probably, exists). I can say with all responsibility that the K310i IR port is excellent. You can activate it for 10 minutes to transfer one or two photos and the adapter will switch off after that not to waste the battery energy. But if you have a lot of content you can just turn the port on and transfer anything you wish. The photographs transfer one by one very comfortable. The speed isnt great, but the connection is quite stable. And the size of the photo files is quite small the phone has a VGA sensor so the images come out almost weightless.

There are two buttons on the side edges the shutter button of the built in camera on the left and the Internet browser start button on the right. I dont like the last one, but you cant do anything against progress. If there is mobile Internet than you will have those that will want to browse the Global net via phone.

The battery compartment cover takes up most of the back frame part. You can remover quite easily and the fastening is not very tight. There is a lithium battery with 750 mAh volume under the cover that lasts for 6 hours in the waiting mode and for 360 hours in the waiting mode.

There is also the SIM card slot below the battery an easy fastening in the form of two metal slides. The loud speaker covered with a nylon net, camera lens set into a conic blind (very well), adapter for connecting an external antennae and a hidden loop for a neck lace (with a T-like stub, not the best, but common for SE structure) are locate under the cover I am curious to know how would you connect an external antennae, say, in a car? First, you would have to remove the battery cover. Or drill it?

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

What else? Size. The phone is small and light 1014417 mm and weights 82 grams I that it now? No, I have to tell you about the screen that I havent mentioned. And I did that on purpose. Why? Well, let me pull myself together and explain

The thing is that the phone has a color screen on the basis of a passive matrix. And that looks like a grievous saving. An active matrix became a standard even for budget models. And now this surprise in the second half of 2006 The manufacturer names the screen with an abbreviation UBC, possibly, noting the prominent characteristics. Yes, the size is standard (1.8 inches diagonally), the resolution is normal 128160 pixels, the color is good shows 65 thousand of color shades. But how does it look in the bright sun?

Ill be cautious (as I like the phone very much). In bright sun the picture looks no better than on my veteran Sony Ericsson T610. And you cannot really see anything in the sun on my 610.


Usually I do not devote much attention to the program stuffing of a new phone. If you describe the system youll have to describe the characteristics of the program realization of the model type of that or other manufacturer. I.e. every time write a long story about the same thing as there are not many differences in the models of different companies. Or copy a part of the previous review (as they do on other portals) and that I cannot do. I better pull myself together and write big reviews on all popular brand phones describing the program stuffing that I magnificently call system.

I would do the same thing here run over a few visible differences (not that many) and end the story. But I cant. As I said there is a belief (not even a suspicion) that the test version is sewed incorrectly. And what I see on the screen might be very different than what will appear on screen of a new phone its owner No, the differences will be minimal. But they will definitely exist.

Look at the pictures of the screen. I took out the ears that give out an alien insertion (I suspect a W550 model).

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i

Sony Ericsson K310i


In front of me I have the first SE of the new generation that cannot photograph No, the second one the first was the W300i. Of course, you can say that I became fussy as I see a lot of expensive camera phones. But thats not it. Its just that Ive seen what 1.3 and 2 mega pixel sensor Sony Ericsson phones can do (but, Ill have to be clear that they cost twice or three times as much). Without an auto focus, with the simplest (most probably, plastic) optics, they shot so that I didn't want to take a camera into my hands. Why is that? The answer is simple in these products the company did not make a goal to manufacture devices for serious photo work (and dont forget about the cost of this device). As I said in the W300 review, there are specific cases for serious photo work in the model row of the company.

The photos look fine on the phone screen. And the memory the phone has 15 MB without the upgrade capability fits a lot of images. In the camera mode, the screen shows 300+, i.e. more than 300 shots It seems senseless to talk about settings with this kind of quality. Well see later when there will be a normal version from the market.

Sony Ericsson K310i

[+] maximize, 640x480, JPEG, 50 KB

Sony Ericsson K310i

[+] maximize, 640x480, JPEG, 47 KB

Sony Ericsson K310i

[+] maximize, 640x480, JPEG, 44 KB

Sony Ericsson K310i

[+] maximize, 640x480, JPEG, 39 KB

Sony Ericsson K310i

[+] maximize, 640x480, JPEG, 58 KB

Sony Ericsson K310i

[+] maximize, 640x480, JPEG, 51 KB

Sony Ericsson K310i

[+] maximize, 640x480, JPEG, 39 KB

Video sample 1, 3GP, 306 KB >>>

Video sample 2, 3GP, 363 KB >>>


If you think that I am disappointed with this phone, you are gravely mistaken. I see its disadvantages, but fully understand that its a budget model. You need a different kind of money in order to buy a photo or a player phone. Thats why I wasnt voicing complaints. I was just notifying the new owner that he isn't going to buy something that costs three hundred dollars for just a hundred and a half. Its just a phone with somewhat widened functionality. It has an excellent organizer, Java games and a perfect 40-part polyphony. It has everything for normal and comfortable connection. No more than that.

Sony Ericsson K310i is an excellent budget model. For all those, who specifically need a phone, not an expensive multimedia computer.

Nikolay Nadezhdin, reviews
Translated by Olga Mexina (
Published 06 march 2007

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First Glance at Nokia N900 (Maemo 5) and a Couple of Words About N97 MiniFirst Glance at Nokia N900 (Maemo 5) and a Couple of Words About N97 Mini

Review of Samsung S8000 Jet  Cleverer than Genius, Faster than WindReview of Samsung S8000 Jet Cleverer than Genius, Faster than Wind

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