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Bosch 509
Bosch 509 photos
Bosch 509 

Dimensions: 134x53x23 mm
Weight: 109 g
Year: 1999

Bosch 509's General characteristics

Connection standard: GSM 1800, GSM 900
Talk time: 4,5
Waiting time: 87
Antenna: external
Battery: Ni-Mh
Form factor: classic

Bosch 509's Display characteristics

Type: LCD graphic
Number of lines: 3

Bosch 509's Sound

Melody number: 27

Bosch 509's Call control

Auto dial: yes
Call retention: yes
Extras: Call records: automatically saves the last 10 incoming/outgoing/missed calls.

Bosch 509's Organizer

Clock: yes

Bosch 509's Communications

SMS: yes
Built in modem: yes
RS232: yes

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