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Mobile phones: Qualcomm phones: Qualcomm QCP-800


Qualcomm QCP-800
Qualcomm QCP-800 photos
Qualcomm QCP-800 

Dimensions: 155x43x28 mm
Weight: 225 g

Qualcomm QCP-800's General characteristics

Connection standard: AMPS/NAMPS/DAMPS
Talk time: 5
Waiting time: 48
Antenna: external
Form factor: classic

Qualcomm QCP-800's Sound

Vibra and melody: yes

Qualcomm QCP-800's Call control

Call retention: yes

Qualcomm QCP-800's Organizer

Clock: yes
Alarm: yes

Qualcomm QCP-800's Keyboard

Backlight: yes
Block: yes

Qualcomm QCP-800's Communications

SMS: yes
EMS: no
MMS: no
Bluetooth: No
E-Mail: no
IrDA: no
Built in modem: no
EDGE: no

Qualcomm QCP-800's Additional

Games: yes
MP3-player: no
Camera: no
Video: no
FM-radio: no
Java applications: no
Memory card type: no

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